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Search for Animera

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The Year is 2230, humans have advanced in technology and they have set forth to explore a new galaxy called Nubera, a much larger galaxy than the milky way with a dual star solar system where two stars orbit around each other creating a larger circumstellar habitable zone. As a result of its unique properties, there exists 5 habitable planets, rich in minerals and ores which can help sustain and create a massively advanced future for the planets.

Full of unique planets and life, Search for Animera is the next generation of AAA interplanetary conquest, exploration, and NFT-built MMORPG built on Unreal Engine 5 and distributed to blockchain networks. Explore and colonize with strategic gameplay supported by a thriving in-game economy, set in the ever-expanding sandbox of a procedurally created and handmade world in Search For Animera.

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