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The Defiants NFT

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It is the near future. The world economy has collapsed under the strain of archaic practices and the results of a genetically engineered virus. The world is in chaos, particularly Western countries where forced orthodoxy led to financial collapse. This paved the way for a hostile takeover by a cabal of technocrats, old money and corrupt politicians with access to expensive anti-aging technologies – the Immortality Treatment Elite, or ITE.

Most of the world’s population have been thoroughly domesticated, force fed dopamine through mindless entertainment and kept in giant arcology homes where they have become both product and user. An elite group of freedom fighters, led by MOLE, Brainiac and REDhead orchestrated a revolution against the ITE and their tyrannical government puppets. Calling themselves ‘the Defiant’, they transcribed their consciousnesses through an experimental device called the ‘Atrium Crux’ which re-encoded the imprint of each Defiant as a Non-Fungible ERC-721 Token (NFT) on the Ethereum Blockchain. These consciousnesses were later to be deployed into ‘Shells’, bio-mechanically enhanced cyber-bodies, able to fight the ITE in both the physical world and the Digisphere. Welcome to the future, Defiant. ...

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