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The Lab was birthed out of the realization that shoes and NFTs share incredible parallels: both are art, collectibles, and have fostered some of the most vibrant communities out there. As a bridge between the sneaker and NFT communities, we’re here to celebrate sneaker culture and the art of custom sneakers.

This culture has always been rooted in us–the people who embrace shoes as a universal language of expression, individuality, history, innovation, functionality, and art–so we’re paying tribute to it with four fresh silhouettes inspired by some of the dopest real-life sneakers to date. On top of that, our team includes three extraordinarily talented customizers who have hand-designed 24 insane 1-of-1s. If you hold one, you’ll receive a physical custom sneaker mimicking its design. We strongly believe that unique and custom sneakers in the digital art space are the next big thing, so we’re here to facilitate that movement and connect it to the physical world, exploring an entirely new way to "wear your NFTs" and access some sick 1-of-1 kicks. Supporting both customizers and the community as a whole through our NFTs is the ultimate celebration and invitation into sneaker culture.

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