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On WAM.app, the more a player wins the more their in-platform rank grows, just like normal real-life leaderboards in competitive sports. Once a player advances their rank they can participate in more rewarding tournaments with higher entrance fees & reward pools.

Each tournament has a reward pool where WAM.app adds a fixed amount of WAM Coins for every player who pays the entrance fee. At the end of the tournament the rewards are distributed algorithmically to a percentage of the top players based on their score and ranking. WAM.app was built with one vision in mind: to be accessible on any device and platform at any time meaning it’s accessible by going to https://wam.app or downloading the WAM.app from Google Play and App Store. We got our inspiration from real life amateur sports tournaments where millions of people from all over the world compete in games like: football, basketball, rugby, tennis, billiards, darts and many more, just to have fun and spend time together with friends and family. The pandemic showed us the importance of sharing experiences and keeping in touch with our peers and doing it on a digital platform with people from all over the globe is the simplest way to do it. ...

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