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WonderGame is a 3D virtual reality metaverse that allows players to own land. Build a kingdom, trade in collections, shop, host hangouts with friends in the penthouse, play games, and more. Players can also open their own metaverse businesses and earn money within the meta economy!

WonderGame is de-centrified and built with blockchain technology, Crypto, and NFT. There are five separate cities on this land where the community can truly own, control, and benefit. The price of WonderGame assets has partnerships and access roads in more than 135 countries around the world, and has been steadily increasing with large numbers of connections between Enterprise Whales and companion communities to open metaverse. Players can open metaverse stores, showrooms, galleries, hangouts, game rooms, and retail stores. This includes selling NFT products, using physically supported NFTs and cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Owners of the WonderGame character NFT will be awarded Meta-Citizenship, Yield Payouts, Land Ownership, and Treasure Rights, and free Metaverse Penthouse will be provided to those who MINT at Whitelist and HODL. ...

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