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XKart Racing

XKart Racing

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So goes the saying in Zoria. With stakes so high, Zorians lived, trained & raced for the pride of their tribe.Soon, technology came to play. Zorians developed artificial limb enhancements & advanced karts to help them win. But what shook their world is the discovery of mana.

The 10 ruling tribes of Zoria took control of its powers & hid the rest so no one could challenge them! Mana remains hidden across Zoria for those lucky enough to find it. The world evolved, monarchy fell, but in Zoria, speed is everything-still. which gives them an unbeatable edge in the game. They’re the most unique & powerful of Zorians, belonging to the 10 ruling tribes. Chosen by the elders as the few blessed with the full potential of mana, they wield special powers which they can use to dominate the races. ...

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